Diseases Caused by Vitamin D Deficiency

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Our body needs various vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. One of them is vitamin D, which is the easiest source of sunlight.

Vitamin D is essential for the strengthening of our bones and nerve development. Lack of it can cause serious irreparable damage to our body.

This vitamin is also present in some nutrients like fish, orange juice, cheese and egg yolk, but it is impossible to get it completely with the help of these nutrients alone.

Supplements can also be used to meet the body’s need for vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency can cause many medical problems within us which are as follows.

Bone weakness

Vitamin D is most important for the strengthening of bones. It helps absorb calcium in the bones, which enhances bone growth.

This deficiency can cause pain in the waist, joints and knees, etc. which can be so severe that you are unable to perform your daily tasks.

Too much sweating

Vitamin D deficiency activates the gastrointestinal tract that causes excessive sweating. This symptom can also be found in newborns.

If a person or child is sweating too much, it is a sign of vitamin D deficiency and in such a case, it needs immediate correction.


Vitamin D deficiency slows the flow of blood, affecting the ability of the nerves and muscles to work, while on the other hand low blood flow to the brain causes feelings of depression, depression and depression. becomes.

Hair loss

Rapid hair loss is caused by stress, but vitamin D deficiency is also one of the reasons. Vitamin D deficiency is the leading cause of hair loss, especially in women.

Muscle aches

Vitamin D deficiency can also cause muscle aches and allergies that can even hurt the skin. Such individuals can be protected from this problem by taking large amounts of vitamin D via supplements.

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